Former Pastors

Founding Pastor Derek Burnett

Rev. Derek and Bonnie Burnett helped to establish All Nations Church Phuket in 2013-17. Derek and Bonnie have been married for over 20 years. They have 3 children, Carlin, Jesse and Jemma. They originate from Toronto, Canada, but have been working in Thailand since 1999. They are presently serving as international workers of the Christian and Missionary Alliance of Canada.

Derek loves to play all kinds of sports, his favorites being ice hockey, basketball and softball. Bonnie grew up in Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia, so Asia is home for her. She loves to read and play games. Carlin, like his dad, loves to play sports, particularly basketball and soccer. Jesse, like his mom is an avid reader and loves to play computer games. Jemma likes to play computer games, but also enjoys riding her bike with her friends and playing with her pets.

Upon moving to Thailand, Derek and Bonnie studied the Thai language for two years and then served on staff at a church in Bangkok, Mahapawn Trimonton Church for two more years. After a year in Canada, they moved to Chiang Mai where they spent 8 years with the Center for Leadership Development, helping Thai pastors to train local church lay leaders. Having just returned from Canada in June 2013, they moved to Phuket to start an international church in the southern part of the island.

Former lead Pastor KR Paton

KR is our pastor. He and Darlene moved to Phuket in July 2017, although they had visited the island several times in the past. On their first visit they drove from Chiang Mai with their youngest son and his family. As they crossed the bridge onto the island KR prayed; "the people who live in darkness have seen a great light."

They could not have predicted several years later they would be called by God to shine the light of the Gospel through an international church in Phuket. KR and Darlene have served in ministry in Canada, the USA, and Kuwait prior to arriving at All Nations Church Phuket (ANCP).

KR also serves as Implementer on the staff of Missional International Church Network. Through this network ANCP is associated with several hundred international churches throughout the world but primarily in the middle east and Asia. The Patons have three married children (a daughter and two sons) who have blessed them with 12 grandchildren.