Current Series: Local Church Life

We are moving through a series examining the book of 1 Timothy. This book is all about local church life; how are we as the local church, supposed to function, act, and engage our community? Don't miss out on what God has for us in this series, "Local Church Life."

Other Series

As we search the scriptures, we find that God describes his church as, Individuals brought together by Jesus, empowered by the holy spirit, for the purpose of building lives that honor God. We are all uniquely gifted and have a part to play in the body of Christ.

"who you are" is our series where we focus on the idea of who you are when no one is looking. As followers of Jesus we are called to live in obedience even when it seems no one is around to see.

Join us as we unpack the attributes of God. We believe a better understanding of who God is leads us towards greater worship and obedience of him. We serve a God who is infinetly powerful, knowing, and present and at the same time intensely personal.

We believe that God's word is the ultimate truth for our lives. We pray that listening to these sermons would be an encouraging supplement to your own study of Gods word.

This series looks at the 3 letters John writes to a group of people claiming to be followers of Jesus. He writes these letters as a test to see if their faith is genuine.

Checkout our series on ANCP life. As a church we are commited to building lives that honor God. We do that through 4 different ministries: Connect, Grow, Serve, and Share.

Listen to a discussion between two pastors as they unpack the word of God together.